Matt Cooper's Design Portfolio

About Matt Cooper

mattI have nine years of experience in a production environment. My time as a Sr. designer has sharpened my eye for composition. My experience lets me bring a barrel of creativity to projects without having to slow down the production schedule or compromise on quality. Some of the things I love the most about my career are the endless opportunities for learning and visual problem solving. It can be a challenge to be creative on a tight deadline – but it’s a skill I’ve been able to develop without letting it tone down my vision for a project. I also love to work in many formats – from Illustrator vectors, photo retouching, and printed publications to banner ads and web design. I enjoy taking 3D graphics and seamlessly integrating them into our print, video and web design pipelines. I also like to play with motion graphics and video editing as a way to reach across many different media formats to reach target audiences.

Every day has new design and project management challenges – but it’s what I love to do and wouldn’t trade it for the world!


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