Email Marketing and Newsletters

Designing marketing email campaigns and newsletters has been a regular part of my career since I started 14 years ago. From creating ad campaigns for large business sponsors to working with web developers and creating tools that automatically convert dynamic web content into email newsletters. I’ve watched this marketing medium grow for over a decade.

I understand many of the difficulties inherent in creating HTML designed for email clients vs. web browsers. Email client HTML engines are still primitive at best and creating mobile-friendly, responsive email designs require many tricks and exceptions depending on the audience. Understanding spam filtering, unsolicited email laws, and ISP rules are all also necessary when starting out on a new campaign.

Creating engaging graphics and headlines that land with a punch are also critical roles of designing an email that converts. Part of achieving that high conversion rate is rigorous testing using enterprise-level SAAS email tools for iterative testing and careful email list curation. Subject lines, headlines, graphics, body text and strong calls-to-action should all be tested.