Best Buy Cord Cutting Promotion Display
Best Buy POP Including video and an Interactive Table
Best Buy POP Moderate Cost Display Including a Tablet
Best Buy POP Minimal Option Without Electronics

Retail POP Design: Best Buy

Cord Cutting Bundle Display

Mohu partnered with Amazon to create a simple bundle that would draw customers to everything they need to cut the cord in one small display. We wanted to keep it eye catching with high contrast and a simple message. The display design also makes it shoppable from both sides and also keeps the cost down by only using corrugated board. I provided art direction and design on the artwork and also directed the structure design in conjunction with the packaging manufacturer.

Cord Cutting Educational Display Proposal

As part of a retail opportunity, Mohu was asked to design a custom Best Buy cord-cutting display to boost in-store sales and education. We took three different approaches on style and cost, from a more eye-catching fiberglass structure to a design utilizing existing peg hook shelving.

We wanted to draw the viewer in with tangible antennas and interactive displays to ensure the consumer gets the best antenna depending on their home address. We wanted to also partner with streaming device companies in order to create a one-stop shop cord-cutting experience.

Role: Designer, Art Director