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Website: Mohu Cordcutter Blog Redesign

This was a total custom redesign of the former Mohu blog. Content was previously displayed on mostly un-formatted Magento default pages.

The redesign had three primary goals. First, we aimed to make a branded and easy-to-use experience to encourage user brand engagement and educate the public about cord cutting. Second, we wanted to better utilize screen space to encourage sales conversions for people who had been drawn to the site’s educational content with the increased SEO. Finally, as many of our customers purchase on mobile devices, we wanted to to make the site seamless across desktop, tablets, and other mobile devices with responsive optimization.

I designed a template that incorporated our trademark color as well as the bold, chunky san-serif text. I emphasized large feature images to make the content more engaging. The sidebar both keeps the user in our site ecosystem with suggested articles and taggingwhile also always suggesting products to buy.

Role: Designer, Art Director